"Dive Deeper" by Slow Folks
"Dive Deeper" by Slow Folks

"Dive Deeper" by Slow Folks

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Saving the earth should not just end with what is seen on the surface. Our interconnectedness to this planet reaches far beyond our sight, with our actions affecting even life under our seas. Because of climates changing and pollution levels rising, the homes and the lives of many marine species are in need of our help. Let this piece be a reminder that we always have more to give if we just dive deeper inside of us. 

A self-taught illustrator and graphic designer, Slow Folks constantly finds ways to share her life’s pursuit to live a slower, more mindful life. She considers her art as an open invitation, both to herself and her audience, to take a gentle pause from life’s fast pace.

Ambiguous but not anonymous, she prefers to detach her personal identity with her work and instead focus on sharing her core. Highly influenced by feminism, minimalism, yoga and astrology, her art often features a rawness and simplicity through the female form, nature and abstraction.

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